Welcome Crafters!

We are now accepting registration forms for our 2021 craft fair.  Please fill out the registration form at the below link.  Please do not mail a payment until you have received a confirmation email from us.  Due to our schedules confirmation emails maybe a day or two after you register.

If you are first time crafter, please note that we only allow handcrafted products.  Please no resale items.  If you have a question if something is acceptable or have other questions please email 

Here are our 2021 prices: 
 Non Electrical Spaces:Price :Location: 
 5'x7'$35.00 Hallway (tables not provided)  
 8'x7' $50.00 

Gym interior  

Cafeteria interior  (SOLD OUT) 
 gym CORNER space $60Gym Interior Corner  - SOLD OUT
 Spaces w/Electricity  
 8'x7' $45.00Cafeteria Perimeter  
 10'x10'$60.00 Gym Perimeter - SOLD OUT