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The Mount Abe Craft Fair is the one and only event that raises money for Project Graduation. You can read about Project Graduation below

Project Graduation

Craft Fair November 11, 2017 10:00 am - 3:00 pm

Project Graduation (PG) is a celebration, free of drugs and alcohol, on the night of graduation. PG began in Bristol over 25 years ago and has grown, not only in popularity, but also in community support. This year students will be actively involved in fundraising for PG. Money they earn goes directly to Project Graduation.

The reason for PG is simple. Each year thousands of young people die in drug and/or alcohol related accidents. Graduation is a time of celebration and in the past has sadly also been associated with fatalities. It is our goal to help young people realize that celebrations can be experienced without the use of drugs or alcohol. PG offers all students this opportunity. If we keep graduation weekend safe and fun, we have accomplished one of those goals.

We consider the success of our PG party to be a major goal. We know from past experience that this weekend has made a dramatic difference in how graduation is viewed and celebrated in our district. We are very proud of its success and the increased popularity it has gained. Students now attending college often remark on how special that time together was for them. They encourage younger siblings and friends to become involved in their PG.

By donating an item for the silent auction, raffle, bake sale, luncheon or if you are a vendor at our fair, you are directly supporting our goals for PG. We appreciate the support and generosity of our community over the years to make this event a success and need your help to continue this wonderful tradition.

Thank you!

Colleen Kiley, Matt Tatro, and Addie Thompson

The Project Graduation Committee